Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

So, a little about me! My name is Ashley and I am Pediatric Occupational Therapist living in the Chicago suburbs with my husband, two amazing girls, and our dog Gunner! From a young age, I knew I wanted to work with children and loved babysitting my niece and nephew where I learned about occupational therapy and that I could have a job where I helped kids learn new skills through play and I was hooked! 


After grad school, I worked primarily with kids in the outpatient clinic setting but also in early intervention and the school settings with a focus on sensory processing! I have seen been certified in sensory processing disorders after completing mentorships with Lucy Jane Miller (A leader in the field of sensory processing!) As well as handwriting and picky eating! 

After a decade of practicing as an OT, we were 7 months pregnant with our youngest daughter and everyone went into lockdown due to the pandemic! YIKES! I knew I didn’t want to go back to work during the pandemic and put our girls back in daycare so finding another way to use my skills was a must! And then Button and Bug was born!


Here at Button and Bug we are dedicated to helping all children be able to work on learning new skills and growing through sensory play. We have been so honored and humbled to have been embraced so fully and quickly by the play communities on social media and truly appreciate all of the support you have shown us in the past two years! 


So THANK YOU from my family to yours! If you ever need to reach me, the best way is through Instagram at @button_and_bug Be sure to follow us there for new product release updates and restock alerts! 


Ashley O’Malley MS, OTR/L

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